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Digging Deep into the EDITS System

Digging Deep into the EDITS System

  • Know WHAT editing you need to do WHERE
  • WHY you need to edit that passage
  • HOW – using multiple options that fit you and your writing style to create page turners

Digging Deep into the EDITS System

  By Margie Lawson Prerequisites:  Empowering Characters’ Emotions Deep Editing:  The EDITS System, Rhetorical Devices, and More To meet the prerequisites, ECE and Deep Editing may have been taken as on-line courses, or as independent study with Lecture Packets. Part 1:  Digging Deep into the EDITS System Part 1 —  Addresses The Big Picture and …

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Deep Editing, Rhetorical Devices and More

Deep Editing, Rhetorical Devices, and More

DEEP EDITING is for the writer who wants to psychologically impact the unconscious of the reader. For the writer who wants to learn fresh editing techniques. For the writer who wants to edit for power.


DEEP EDITING POWER A MASTER CLASS By Margie Lawson In DEEP EDITING POWER is offered as a full day Master Class. It’s usually presented to groups who have already brought Margie in to present a full day of EMPOWERING CHARACTERS’ EMOTIONS. In DEEP EDITING POWER participants will: 1. Analyze Scenes with the EDITS System. 2. …


Leanne Ihmel

“I looked back at the changes I made during Margie’s on-line deep edits class and was amazed at what I had written. There was no way I could have been the one to write those words. Add to that Margie’s extremely constructive feedback and I ‘think’ I have something to sell.”

West Texas Writers Academy, Canyon Texas

This power-packed class is for the intermediate to advanced writer. You know the basics, or more than the basics, and you’re ready to make your writing stellar.

Power Up Openings—Make the opening of every scene and every chapter compelling with my Twenty Point Checklist for Openings. You’ll learn how to orient and hook the reader, make your story and style promises pop, have the right balance of fresh writing and plain do-the-job-well writing, and anchor the reader in the POV character’s emotional set.

Dynamic Dialogue—Use my 25 Tips for Writing Dynamic Dialogue and learn how to make your dialogue sound natural, how to differentiate speech for characters, how to use dialogue to maintain smart pacing.

Empowering Emotions—Make every page carry the right amount of emotion with my Four Levels of Powering Up Emotion. Learn how to use themed words, emotional hits, subtext, body language, dialogue cues, and visceral responses. We’ll dig deep and make your turning points powerful.

Make-a-Difference Details—Get the most out of details in settings and descriptions, in thoughts and action, in expressions and dialogue tags. Make those details count.

Cadence-Driven Writing—Learn how to be strategic with style and structure. Power your pages with cadence-driven writing and you’ll make your book a page-turner.

Finessing Backstory—Learn ten ways to finesse backstory including mini-flashbacks, sculpting dialogue, rhetorical devices, and backstory slip-ins.

Class members will have an opportunity to meet with Margie one-on-one for feedback on their writing. Margie is an editor and international presenter. She used her clinical psychology expertise to develop deep editing techniques used by new writers to multi-award winning authors. Margie has presented over 120 full day master classes to writers in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, and on cruise ships too. Writers credit her innovative EDITS System and deep editing techniques for taking their writing to publication, awards, and bestseller lists.

Salvatore “Sam” Falco

“After I took Margie Lawson’s Master Class at a conference two years ago, the quality of my writing improved by an order of magnitude. Margie’s trademark EDITS system is the perfect diagnostic tool for any fiction writer. Her insight into the psychological and literary tools that make bestselling fiction crackle is deep and powerful. I …

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Marie-Claude Bourque

Marie-Claude Bourque

“I bought Margie’s DEEP EDITING Lecture Packet when I was 1/3 into editing ANCIENT WHISPERS. After I used her EDITS System and did some Deep Editing, my critique partners couldn’t believe the changes in my writing. I have to say that my entire manuscript was Deep Edited before I entered the American Title Contest. ANCIENT …

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Dare Devil Dachshund on tightrope

Lecture Packets

 Miss one of Margie’s courses?  Don’t want to wait until the course is offered again?  Lecture packets are available for most of Margie’s online courses.       Lecture packets are available through Paypal at $22 per course.       If you register for an on-line course, the lectures are included in the course. You …

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