About Lawson Writer's Academy


Lawson Writer's Academy

Changing Your Writing World

I am excited and proud to introduce you to Lawson Writer's Academy.

Lawson Writer's Academy uses teaching software (Moodle) used by many universities. The cyber classroom is uber-cool!

On your tour of the virtual campus, you'll see:

--The Coffee Shop. Please Sign In and Chime In, so I'll know you were here. 

-- The Deep Editing Fitness Center. Margie Grads are encouraged to post an example of "Before Deep Editing" and "After Deep Editing." Drop by and check it out.

-- The Resource Center. You'll find links to goodies like Jennifer Crusie's Conflict Box and Stella Cameron's Guidelines on How to Create Villains.

-- A Forum Featuring Newly Contracted and Published Margie Grads. Please post your bio, photo, and book news!

-- A Forum Featuring Margie Grads on the Road to Publication. Please share your bio, and photo, and writing world news!

-- A Forum Featuring  Immersion Master Class Grads. Please chime in!

-- An Assignment Forum, including:

-- some assignments posted to my editing courses

-- my deep edit critiques of the assignments

-- Upcoming Courses from Lawson Writer's Academy

Enjoy your campus tour. Thank you for stopping by.

All smiles.............Margie