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30 Days to a Stronger Novel


Change is hard work. But that’s what it takes if you’re trying to land an agent or a contract and all you get is rejections.

30 Days to a Stronger Novel is for all frustrated writers who have spent their hard earned money on books and conferences only to realize that their manuscripts are receiving a “Pass” from agents and editors.

If you’ve read the how-to books, attended the conferences, have mastered the art of story structure, and know your grammar rules, you’re only halfway there. Sure – you have a manuscript that is better than most being sent to agents and editors. But better than most is not getting you published. Why? Because your manuscript is not yet at the WOW level.

It doesn’t matter if your plot points and pinch points are all in the right places. Or if your character arcs are stupendous. Of if your hooks are incredible.

None of these things matter if you don’t have the knowledge to add in the WOW factor to your manuscript.

I’m not talking about the big things that are taught so beautifully by Margie Lawson. I’m talking about the little things. The little things that add up to SOLD.

What is the Wow factor? It is that elusive something that takes a manuscript from solid to sold.

Solid + the little things = Sold.

The WOW factor is what agents and editors are saying you don’t have when they say your manuscript just didn’t grab them the way they’d hoped for.

Do you want to add the WOW factor to your manuscript? Yes? Then this class is designed for you.

There are 30 days and 15 WOW assignments. How much time you put into the assignments will have an impact on how great of a change you bring about in your book.

Here are a few of the lessons in this action packed class:

  • Reader Emotion Scavenger Hunt – if you take this course for no other reason than one – this is the ONE reason to take this class. You’ve taken classes and read books on how to get across to the reader what emotion your character is feeling, but have you taken a class on manipulating what the reader is feeling?
  • Backstory Funeral
  • The Puzzle Effect
  • Get a MacGuffin – not to be confused with an Egg McMuffin
  • Structure Check-up
  • Spank Your Characters – no, this is not an X-rated assignment.
  • Pick a Scene and Get It High
  • Firsts
  • Lasts
  • Character Trait Sneak Attack – a fantastic approach to revealing character traits to the reader. This is a: DON’T WANT TO MISS IT LESSON.

Give me 30 Days, and I’ll give you a stronger novel.


Lisa Wells

Lisa Wells writes romantic comedy with enough steam to fog your eyeglasses, your brain, and sometimes your Kindle screen. On the other hand, her eighty-year-old mother-in-law has read Lisa’s steamiest book and lived to offer her commentary. Which went something like this: You used words I’ve never heard of…

Lisa’s the author of romantic comedies. Her latest release is a paranormal romantic comedy: (HEXES AND O’S).

She lives in Missouri with her husband and slightly-chunky rescue dog. Lisa loves dark chocolate, red wine, and those rare mornings when her skinny jeans fit. Which isn’t often, considering the first two entries on her love-it list.

To learn more about all of Lisa’s books, visit:





June 30, 2020

Like all Margie Lawson classes, this course is worth its weight in gold. It offers meat-and-potatoes content, tips, guidance, pointed interactions, clear and concise structure, and all at an incredible value, a steal, really.

Stacey Jackson

Great Course

June 29, 2020

I thought I was 85% done my manuscript when I started this course. This is a well-structured course on how to polish a manuscript before sending it off to an editor. Through this course, I learned how to heighten emotions, improve my WIP's structure, how to ensure good pacing and how to use hooks to their maximum benefit.

I learned so much in 15 lessons, I'm amazed.

Lisa's courses are always excellent. I took her Dialogue course, another information and skill-improving-packed course.

Lisa's a wonderful instructor who responds quickly and with insight.

If you think you're done you WIP, take this course to finish it well.

Renée G.

30 Days to a Stronger Novel

March 7, 2020

Do you want to transform what you've written into a polished piece ready to publish?

Then you should invest in yourself and take 30 Days to a Stronger Novel taught by Lisa Wells.

Why? Because you want to know how much better your writing can be after another set of fresh eyes, have laid upon your written words. This is why.

Getting to interact and dialogue with other students is priceless, and Lisa's knack to improve and strengthen your words—straightforward and substantial.

J. W. Zarek

30 Days of Constructive Criticism

March 3, 2020

Lisa is a gem. This course is set up so that you use your own writing to learn how to tighten your words and craft a stronger novel. So many courses use the instructor's words, which can make absorption of material difficult. But not Lisa. In just one month she will give you the techniques you need to whip your story into shape.

Thank you for an excellent experience!

Theresa Buchle

Helpful Class for Revising

March 3, 2020

In 30 Days to a Stronger Novel, I learned countless ways to improve my novel. I found the class to be a great help to me as I revised my middle grade. It definitely took work to examine my manuscript so thoroughly, but it’s much stronger for it.

Lisa was kind, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. She also fostered a supportive community of writers in the class. I recommend this class and Lisa as a teacher.

-Jennifer Raudenbush

Jennifer Raudenbush

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