Fundraiser for ALS and Dennis

Two Big Prizes! 

This is my last fundraiser in 2009 for my cousin who has ALS.  Dennis was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease in September, 2008, just one year ago.  This photo of Dennis and his daughter, ready to scuba dive, was taken in November, 2008.

This fundraiser is for writers and nonwriters! 

Please encourage any caring person you know to donate to Dennis’s new ‘Help Dennis Walk’ page.  Send me their names, and I’ll credit their donations to you.

I am enticing you to donate — by offering two big prizes!

For every donation totaling $25 (or more) to one of the fundraisers on Dennis’s page, you may win: 

  1. Five hours of One-On-One Deep Edit Consulting from me, in Person, by Phone, or Skype, worth over $450!
  2. Registration for a 3-day Immersion Master Class in 2010, a $450 value!

Your name will be on a separate ticket in the drawing for each accrual of $25 donated in your name. 

The fundraiser runs September 1st – October 10th.  Dennis will draw the names of the two winners on October 10th.

Before I continue on this ALS track — I have a caution.

CAUTION:  I know people do not visit my web site to get a dose of Lou Gehrig’s Disease reality.  From their date of diagnosis, people with ALS have a life expectancy of two to five years.

If you are not in a position to donate — please do not read any more on this page.  I am serious!  Click here, and you’ll be transported to my Home page. 

Back to Dennis and ALS.  In one year, Dennis’s body has been slammed by ALS.  With braces on both legs, he can walk short distances with a walker, but he gets winded.  He cannot dress himself.  His fingers are curling in. He stretches his fingers and wears finger splints to slow that process.  His legs, arms, hands, lungs — every part of him is getting weaker.

You all probably know the heinous progression of ALS.   Everything shuts down, but the brain.  Eventually the patient is 100% paralyzed, on permanent ventilator support.  Some may have the ability to blink.  Their brain is going strong — until the end.

I hope you all understand why I am reaching out.   Why I am asking for your support.

I have to do something to help Dennis.  I have to put energy into finding a cure.

We know these fundraising efforts will not make a difference for Dennis.  They will not save his life.  We hope our fundraising will contribute to saving lives of those diagnosed with ALS in the future. 

My first fundraiser for Dennis supported ALS Research.  A total of $1400 raised for that fundraiser came from twenty-four caring writers.  You’ll find their names below in my list of Amazing People.

Additionally, fifty-five writers purchased Lecture Packets in July.  My donation of $5 per Lecture Packet added another $275; including $1000 from Tom-and-Margie, the total contribution to ALS Research was $2675. 

That donation made me smile.  It made Dennis smile too. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all seventy-nine generous-spirited writers. 

The current fundraiser is different.  Dennis has a new fundraiser web site with a choice of two donation categories. 

One fundraiser supports a 5K Walk/Run set up to support ALS research and honor Dennis. The 5K will be held on October 10th in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Donations for the walk go to the Therapy Development Institute (TDI), a registered non-profit dedicated to stopping ALS as soon as possible. 

You, your friends, and your family can donate any amount for the 5K Walk/Run.  Every $5 and $10 donation is appreciated.   Beware:  The page for donating to the walk makes it look like you have to donate at the corporate sponsorship level, $250 or $500.  Not true!  You can indicate any amount.  No worries!

I will be in Charlotte for a Gala for Dennis (Oct. 8th) and for the Run (Oct. 10th).  If you live in or near Charlotte, please contact me.  I would love to meet you.   ;-))

The second donation category on Dennis’s web site triggered a concern for me.  Donations for this category go directly to  Dennis.  Initially, I was uncomfortable linking to a page with an option to help Dennis offset his living-with-ALS expenses.  I worried that you would think it was inappropriate.  I worried that you would think I was perpetrating a social faux paux.  I worried that you would think I was gauche.  I worried about offending you. 

Gee — sounds like 7th grade.

Then – Dennis’s reality hit me.   Again.  

I realized that compared to Dennis, my little worries about what you think were inconsequential.  Ludicrous.  Insane.

Dennis and his wife and daughters — and all of us who love him — have legitimate worries.  Worries about how many months he has to live.  Worries about how we can help him through his pain, and his fear. 

Maybe I was focusing on my little worries, to block the real ones.  If the worry fits . . . 

Think, if the shoe fits . . .   Thank you for listening.

Keep in mind, your donations can go directly to ALS research if you click on the button:  ALS-TDI.  

 To Enter the Drawing:

1.  Go to the HELP DENNIS WALK web site.

2.  To donate, select one of two buttons: 

Click on —–ALS-TDI—-for your donations to support ALS Research.
Click on—–Support Dennis—–for your donations to offset his living-with-ALS expenses.                               


  • Your name and the names of your friends and family who donated
  • Amount of donation(s)
  • Where you live
  • How you learned about the drawing
  • Your phone number
  • Permission to include your name on the list of people who donated – YES or NO


Please SCROLL DOWN to see the list of people who have donated $50 (or more!) to Dennis’s fundraiser for ALS research. They are MARGIE’S AMAZING PEOPLE!


1.  Andrea Dickinson, Michigan

2.  Lori Larson, Minnesota

3.  J. E. Taylor, Connecticut

4.  Anita Clenney, Virginia   

5.  Sandy Hicks, Colorado

6.  Tracey Devlyn, Illinois

7.  Stephanie St. Clair, Virginia

8.  Anonymous #1, California

9. Karen Ward, Canberra, Australia

10. Judythe Morgan, Texas

11. Carol Jo Kachmar, Michigan 

12. Nancy Naigle, Virginia

13.  Anna Hackett, Australia   

14. Jodie Wilkerson, North Carolina  

15. Alice Fairbanks Burton, Colorado

16. Alice Fairbanks Burton, Colorado 

17. Rose McCauley, Kentucky   

18. Rose McCauley, Kentucky 

19. Tracy Mastaler, Washington, DC 

20. Sonja Goedde, California   

21. Louise Suit, Colorado

22. Gail Zerrade, Idaho 

23. Shannon Baker, Arizona

24. Dorothy Brockington Bins, Illinois

Thank you for sharing from your heart.   You all are the AMAZING!  

I look forward to adding more names to my Amazing People list!