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Anatomy of Trope

Everyone says, "write to trope," or "put tropes in your book," but what does that even mean? In this two-week tropes masterclass, Becca Syme (MATL) will teach the psychology of tropes, the way to deconstruct and construct them, and the way to include (or enhance) them in your fiction. This masterclass includes written lectures, writing exercises (some of which will be shared publicly, and some of which will be viewed only by the instructor), and two live video presentations (which will be recorded, and where you can submit questions to be answered if you can't make the live video).

What You'll Learn:

How to identify and incorporate tropes; why tropes resonate; how to enhance the tropes already in your own work. 

**You'll not be asked to evaluate other students' writing, and public posting of your own work is optional.**

Who Should Take This Course:

Fiction writers of any stage and anyone who wants to learn more about tropes.


Becca Syme

Becca Syme is a USA Today bestselling author of romance and mystery. She holds a master’s degree (psychology of leadership) and is a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach, where she's coached 5000+ individual writers in success systems. Becca is the host of the YouTube QuitCast channel and a mystery author. She lives in the mountains of Montana where it is always winter and never Christmas.

You can find her website at




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