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Author Alchemy - Tech Hacks for the Computer Illiterate, the Savvy, and Everyone In Between

Self-editing is hard, even on a good day when you have all your spoons and are ready to jump into your manuscript with a handful of highlighters and a prayer. Using some Author Alchemy you can make the tools you use every single day work for you. Macros, or written command built into Word to automate a function, can take some of the pressure off.

Let your tools handle the hard stuff while you…stock up on more highlighters for what comes next! The best part…you don’t need to be a word wizard to join this class. I’ll break everything down to the very basic level for the beginners and experienced alike.

Lesson Plan

Week One: Macro Basics/Safety

  • What is a macro? How can they help you?
  • How to prep Word for macros.
  • Macro safety

Week Two: Macro Goals

  • what can macros do for you with examples
  • simple scripts and how they work
  • creating and running mechanics

Week Three: Macro Creation

  • How to create a macro DEEP DIVE
  • How to run a macro DEEP DIVE
  • Macro resources and already created macros

Week Four: Macro Management

  • Troubleshooting
  • Saving macros
  • Sharing macros/(safety revisit)
  • One on one time for anyone who needs more personal help

What you’ll learn:

  • What a macro is
  • Ways to brainstorm goals for your macros
  • Create a macro
  • Run a macro
  • Edit and troubleshoot a macro
  • Where to find resources and already created macros
  • How to implement them in your routine safely

Who should take this course:

  • Writers who want to save time self-editing
  • Writers who use Word regularly and want the program to work harder for you
  • Writers who fiddle with CTL+F a thousand times in a manuscript cutting out overused words, adverbs, pesky as constructions, etc.


Monica Corwin

Monica Corwin is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author. She is an outspoken writer attempting to make romance accessible to everyone, no matter their preferences. As a Northern Ohioian, Monica enjoys snow drifts, three seasons of weather, and a dislike of Michigan football. Monica owns more books about King Arthur than should be strictly necessary. Also typewriters...lots and lots of typewriters.

You can find her on Facebook at:, on Twitter at:, on the web at: Monica Corwin is also on Instagram: and Bookbub:




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