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Building from the Ground Up: Character Development & Story Structure

This course will save you at least five years of struggling in your writing career. Whether you’re a fan thinking about taking up the pen for the first time, or a pro looking to take things to the next level, this course is for you.

In Building from the Ground Up: Character Development & Story Structure, B. Dave Walters will teach you:

  • Why now is the absolute best time in history to be a storyteller. 
  • How to know when you’re ready to become a writer.
  • How to know if you’re actually bad and no one is telling you.
  • How to get an emotional reaction out of the audience, which is the only thing that truly matters.
  • How to know which ideas are great, and which to skip.
  • How to decide if a novel, screenplay, TV or comic is the best for you.
  • Three, Four, Five, and even Seven Act Structure and which one to use.
  • What Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, and Arthas Menethil have in common, and what it means to your story.
  • How to actually apply The Hero’s Journey, Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling, Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 Rules for Writing Fiction, the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet and several other tools to make your story MATTER.
  • And much, much more! 

It’s a noisy world out there, this course will teach you how to craft a story that people will slow down to listen to with characters they’ll give a damn about!

Lesson Plan

Day 1 - 5: Overview of concepts

  • Day 1: Welcome to the big leagues!
  • Day 2: The map is not the territory
  • Day 3: Setting yourself up for success
  • Day 4: Why George RR Martin is dead to me
  • Day 5: Understand the rules before you break them

Days 6-10: Story Structure Deep Dive 

  • Day 6: Building the perfect beast
  • Day 7: Feel the beat
  • Day 8: Gut check. 
  • Day 9: 500+ words.
  • Day 10: Revisiting the Logline and Elevator Pitch.

Days 11-15: Character Creation Deep Dive 

  • Day 11: Assembling your fellowship.
  • Day 12: For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic.
  • Day 13: Your Hero’s Journey
  • Day 14: Kill Your Darlings.
  • Day 15: Putting it all together.


B. Dave Walters

B. Dave Walters is a motivator, storyteller, and structure fiend. He is best known as the writer of Dungeons & Dragons: A Darkened Wish for IDW comics, and the Long Beach by Night streaming series. He’s co-writer of the Salvage Marines TV series and Electropunk Transmedia series. He has written films, novels, a non-fiction book and over 500 nationally syndicated articles. He operates a full scale 24/7 World of Darkness Discord roleplay server along with over 20 hours a week of actual play game streams. 

Want to know more about B. Dave? Watch this interview he did for a writer’s school project.




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