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The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

Travel bans, social distancing, lost hugs, work, communication. Hospitals overflow, and, first-liners are overwhelmed and overworked. High fevers. Intubation. Death. If we did not know better, the last couple of […]

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The Power of the Monologue

Writing great dialogue is about so much more than the words the characters are speaking. When done right, it manipulates emotions in both the book characters and the readers. As […]

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The Bane of Backstory

No character was born the moment the book starts – just like humans, characters have history: joy and sorrow, happiness and sadness, good times and bad times. The sum of […]

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How to Argue with Your Editor

There may come a time—there will come a time. You and your editor have locked horns over some point of grammar or word choice or plot development. She insists that what you […]

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Help!! No One Wants What I Write!

I’m a firm believer in writing what you love, not what you think will sell. For example, I write in two genres that have fallen out of favor with the […]

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Using Story Structure to Build a Novel Quarter by Quarter

Writing a novel is like hiking up a mountain with a backpack loaded with rocks. Each rock is an essential part of your story. These include plot, characters, setting and […]

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Facebook Ads for Authors 2021

Facebook ads can be a fantastic way to drive traffic to books and increase sales, but there’s a lot that’s changing this year. Here’s a quick recap of what’s what […]

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Six Tips for Building A Solid World

If you're writing high fantasy, Sci-Fi, or something in that vein, solid worldbuilding is an absolute necessity. Even if your story is character-driven, you still need a fleshed-out world for them […]

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Magic & Witchcraft

Lawson Writer’s Academy The courses offered by the Lawson Writer’s Academy were a revelation to me—they are a guarantee of high-quality writing. The academy’s toolkit includes everything about writing craft, […]

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What is Transmedia?

Kathleen Baldwin talks about the future of storytelling, transmedia, and how authors can ride the wave of change.

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Top 5 Ways to Banish Overused Words

Hi y’all, Laura Drake here. I often say that Margie Lawson took me from good to sold, and it’s the truth. Her classes opened my eyes to another way to […]

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Lawson Writer's Academy: Your Smart Track for Writing Success!

Welcome to Lawson Writer’s Academy Teachers' Blog! I'm so excited about the brilliant and caring teachers we have at LWA. Some are college professors. Some have Master of Fine Arts […]

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