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Facebook Ads for Authors 2021

Facebook ads can be a fantastic way to drive traffic to books and increase sales, but there’s a lot that’s changing this year. Here’s a quick recap of what’s what and what authors can expect. The Backstory To start, let’s look at the context that is driving the big changes we’ll see in 2021. Facebook […]

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Six Tips for Building A Solid World

If you're writing high fantasy, Sci-Fi, or something in that vein, solid worldbuilding is an absolute necessity. Even if your story is character-driven, you still need a fleshed-out world for them to adventure in. If your world isn’t established, it can pull the reader out of your story. However, you also don’t want your world to […]

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Magic & Witchcraft

Lawson Writer’s Academy The courses offered by the Lawson Writer’s Academy were a revelation to me—they are a guarantee of high-quality writing. The academy’s toolkit includes everything about writing craft, websites, marketing, and publishing. Wow. Everything to provide writers, newbies and seasoned, with inspiration, encouragement and knowledge. This is a smart home for writers. Writers […]

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What is Transmedia?

Kathleen Baldwin talks about the future of storytelling, transmedia, and how authors can ride the wave of change.

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Top 5 Ways to Banish Overused Words

Hi y’all, Laura Drake here. I often say that Margie Lawson took me from good to sold, and it’s the truth. Her classes opened my eyes to another way to look at my work, and my ‘trip to the mountain’ for Immersion cemented it. I promised her as I left that I wasn’t giving up […]

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Lawson Writer's Academy: Your Smart Track for Writing Success!

Welcome to Lawson Writer’s Academy Teachers' Blog! I'm so excited about the brilliant and caring teachers we have at LWA. Some are college professors. Some have Master of Fine Arts degrees. And some are authors with super-impressive track records for empowering writers and their writing craft. We've been hard at work pulling these talented instructors […]

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