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LWA Coaching

Ever wish you could work one-on-one with an LWA instructor? Not just during a scheduled class, but in a coaching environment customized to your needs?

Welcome to the NEW LWA Coaching program! If you have questions, contact Lisa or Jenn.

How it works:

  • Sign up for any available coach and session that you would like.
  • The system will email the teacher and let them know that you have signed up. They may have an introductory questionnaire that they send you.
  • All coaching is currently being handled directly through email with your coach.
  • Please be aware that some of the classes are advanced. The teacher has the ultimate say in who they decide to work with. If the coaching isn't working out, they may suggest a more appropriate coach for you. You will always have the option to reject or accept this suggestion.
  • As always, our goal is to help you reach your writing goals.

Available Sessions:


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