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If you know me, you know I like to have fun!


The Dare Devil Dachshund Contest is my way of  having fun with you on my web site. It's also another way I can give back, by deep editing fifteen pages for a dozen writers a year.


I make three deep editing passes, and take the time to explain what I'm recommending and why, just like I do in my Triple Pass Deep Edit.


I’ll place a dachshund cartoon on one of my web site pages on the first day of each month. Find the Dare Devil Dachshund cartoon that matches the one on my home page, e-mail me with the name of the page it’s on, and you will be entered in the monthly drawing. You could win part of my deep editing brain!


The winner sends me fifteen pages as an e-mail attachment (Courier New, 12 pt., 1" margins) for me to deep edit.

Please label your e-mail:



I'll post the winner's name on my home page.

Maybe you'll be the next winner!



Photo:  Thalia_and_Calypso_Looking_UpDana Summers, our Dare Devil Dachshund cartoonist, featured  my miniature dachshunds, Thalia and Calypso, in his  Middletons comic strips.




The Middletons by Ralph Dunagin and Dana Summers




The Middletons by Ralph Dunagin and Dana Summers







Photo:  Calypso Waking Up From Nap


Thalia and Calypso are thrilled to be comic strip celebrities!


Calypso is such a dachshund diva. 

A l-o-n-g 'Thank You' to Dana Summers for sharing his talent and humor.


What a doggone good guy!




I needed the talent of two experts to make this contest work:  Lisa Norman, my web site designer, and Dana Summers, a professional cartoonist.Lisa Norman's photo

I connected with Lisa Norman by bidding on a web site design she generously donated to Brenda Novak's Diabetes Auction in May, 2009.  I'm so lucky my bid won.  Lisa's talent shows through on every page of my web site  Her creativity is beyond limits. Lisa is a brilliant and cherished gem.

I thought I might have to go on Craig's List to find a cool professional cartoonist. You can find Photo of Dana Summers and Margieeverything on Craig's List, right?

But I got lucky again. I met mega-talented cartoonist Dana Summers when I presented a full day workshop at the Florida Writer's Association conference. What are the odds I'd meet a professional cartoonist when I was looking for a cartoonist?

PLUS -- Lisa and Dana are both writers.

PLUS -- They both GET me. Our brains work in sync.


All smiles..........................Margie







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