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Thrillers with Julie Rowe -- hand reaching through the mist


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The BrainMap

The Novel Brainmap

Editors love books that are character driven and have layered plots. Learn how to create novels with plots created by the characters themselves, using Shirley…
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Words that Sell Books with Shirley Jump

Words that Sell Books

Back cover copy. Synopses. Query letters. They are all used to sell your books, to readers and to editors and agents. But they’re not the…
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Love your Voice - Julie Rowe

Love your Voice

Every writer wants a fabulous voice. For most popular authors that achievement seems effortless. But for the rest of us, it’s often hard to tell…
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Profitable Facebook Ads

Profitable Facebook Ads

This is a masterclass on creating profitable Facebook Ads for authors who want to improve the ROI of their ads. Imagine spending a couple hundred…
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