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Instructor: Michelle Fox

Dates: August 1-31; Fee: $150

Profitable Facebook Ads

Are you struggling to turn a profit on your Facebook ads?

Are you publishing books, but no one knows they exist?

Do you want to run ads, but don't know where to start?

Have you taken other classes that failed to deliver the ROI you were hoping for?

Are Facebook ads just too expensive for your business?

Michelle Fox will address these common pain points in this four week class. A seasoned Facebook ads veteran, Michelle will share what it takes to turn a profit on your Facebook ads and provide the feedback and support you need to be successful. The class
will cover images, ad copy, the different styles of book ads, consumer psychology, ad strategies, audiences, scaling up ads, affordable ad spends, ad metrics, the ads interface along with case studies and troubleshooting. We'll workshop our ads as
a group to ensure you avoid issues that can hinder ad ROI.

With the right mix of ad strategies and ad copy, it's possible to create sustainable sales over time and expand brand reach...often for a lower cost than you'd expect.

What previous students say:

"I've taken a number of FB ads courses far more expensive than this and no
one talks about the psychology of targeting for your ideal reader like Michelle does. Many FB ads focus on the mechanics and how-tos of FB Ads, which is necessary, but quickly outdated. This one
actually focuses on developing conversion focused ads that are possibly
evergreen and transferable to future social media platforms. Even if
you've taken other ads classes, take this one; it's well worth it."
-Kara Lockharte

"Michelle did an amazing job helping me identify my audience and tailor content to their needs. Her information on creating hooks was outstanding - writing ad copy is not a skill most writers are taught, and it's critical to get our stories out to readers." -Laura

"When it comes to images and ad copy, most of the classes I've taken haven't
shown comparison (which one do you think works?) I love that we were
able to look at actual ads and see what worked and what didn't (or not
as well). It really hammered it home that I need to stop thinking about
what I like and start testing to find out what my readers like."
-Kimberly Forrest

Video preview of the class:

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