Margie Lawson

Make your writing soar


January 4-31

Teacher: Sarah Hamer

Fee: $75

Are you running your writing like a business?

A better question may be “Should you run your writing like a business?”

The answer is:


It’s not hard. Really! But most writers don’t think they need to be a business, mostly because so few of us make appreciable money at it. But it’s possible that utilizing some simple business practices, your writing income may change. And that would be a good thing.

This class will talk about smart, doable, workable items, such as:

  1. Setting achievable goals. Too many writers over-extend, expecting too much. Achievable goals are sensible and reasonable to use for your writing, personal life, business, and financial future.
  2. Using good record-keeping. Did you already query that editor? When? Did you keep the hotel receipt for your tax deductions? Just a simple spreadsheet can help you keep track and make both your business and filing your taxes so much easier!
  3. Knowing when to create a business identity. And how.
  4. Using your home for a business and how to deduct it.
  5. Finding a tax or accounting professional to help you. All of these can make a difference between “making it” in the biz or not.

(Sally Hamer is NOT a tax or accounting professional. But she’ll show you how to find one.)

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