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Instructor: Shirley Jump

Jan 4 - February;  The fee for this 8-week class: $185

If you’ve always dreamed of writing a book, stuck in the middle of the one you are working on, or looking for some structure and support for your current novel, this class is for you. Designed to take you from idea to finished book, The 8-Week Author
will cover all major components of a book, including:

  • Goal, Motivation and Conflict—the beginning building blocks of compelling plots

  • Internal Character Development—create memorable characters that readers love

  • Scene and Sequel—use this technique to create hooks, twists, and rising stakes

  • Backstory and Pacing—keep your plot moving, which keeps readers turning the pages

  • Point of View—how to write it, chose the write point of view for a scene, and maximize its power

  • Show, Not Tell—knowing when and how to show vs. tell, and how to use both effectively in narrative and dialogue.

  • Revising and Tightening—how to take the raw manuscript and make it more powerful and more memorable

The goal of this class is to help authors, regardless of their experience level, to build a strong, compelling novel from start to finish. You’ll learn new techniques and tricks for getting the most out of every page, while also honing your skills
in plotting and character development.

What You Will Learn

All the basic building blocks that create a solid foundation for a compelling novel. You will not only learn structure but also character development, and techniques to bring the most out of your novel, regardless of genre.

Who Should Take This Class

Any author—whether new or experienced—who wants help in planning and executing a compelling novel should take this class. If you’re struggling with a technique like Scene and Sequel or Backstory, this class will help you master those skills and apply them to the overall novel structure.

Course Overview

Lesson One:

The basics of plot building: Goal,
Motivation and Conflict, both external and internal.

Lesson Two:

Character development: creating powerful protagonists and antagonists
who readers love and hate, but most of all, remember.

Lesson Three:

Scene and Sequel: understand these basics that create rising stakes,
tension in the plot, and build the character’s internal arc.

Lesson Four:

Backstory and Pacing: learn how and when to introduce backstory, how
to pace your novel correctly, and techniques for speeding up or
slowing down the plot.

Lesson Five:

Point of View: using that character development to power up the point
of view in every scene.

Lesson Six:

Show, Not Tell: This critical technique is what makes books
memorable, emotional, and relatable. Mastering this is the novelist’s
best technique.

Lesson Seven:

Revising and Tightening: Once the book is done, knowing what to cut
and what to keep can make a big difference in the flow of your novel.

Lesson Eight:

Q&A and After the Book is Done: Making your publishing decision,
deciding on whether to write a series, knowing where to target your
book, etc. All the “other” questions about what to do once the
book is done.

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