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Instructors: Julie Rowe and Jeffrey Petrock

Blood, Sweat, and Tears – Writing Realistic Scenes from the Front Seat of an Ambulance

  1. Terms, slang, assorted bullshit.
  2. EMS titles, education, and scope of practice (around the world).
  3. What’s in an Ambulance? Tools of the trade.
  4. Police, firemen, and EMS mingle + who transports the body?
  5. What does a real ___________ look like?
    1. Car accident
    2. Heart attack
    3. Stroke
    4. Stabbing
    5. Poisoning
    6. Shootings
  6. Drugs, overdoses, and antidotes.
  7. Explosions, falls, and blunt force trauma.
  8. Weird shit that’s really happened.
  9. How to cope without going bonkers.
  10. Writing realistic trauma with all five senses.
  11. Write your scene, get it critiqued by Jeff and Julie.
  12. Question free-for-all

This workshop is taught in tandem between Jeff Petrock and his favorite mother-in-law Julie Rowe. The pair pull no punches and participants can expect gruesome details, detailed critiques, and mildly bad language.

Jeffrey Petrock has been a primary care paramedic for 5 years, and is currently a student advanced care paramedic. Working in rural Alberta, Canada has provided an exciting work life. He’s responded to calls ranging from gun shots to sword wounds and heart attacks to horse attacks. Jeff teaches First Aid for Babysitters, Enhanced First Aid, Health Care Provider CPR, Spinal Motion Restriction, Oxygen Administration and Airway Management. His students have varied in age from 11 to 80.

Full-time author and workshop facilitator, Julie Rowe’s first career as a medical lab technologist in Canada took her to the North West Territories and northern Alberta, where she still resides. Julie’s debut novel, Icebound, was released by Carina Press in 2011. Her most recent titles include SLEIGHT OF HAND book #3 and SEARCH & DESTROY book #4 of the Outbreak Taskforce series. Julie’s articles have appeared in magazines, such as Romantic Times Magazine, Today's Parent magazine and Canadian Living. Julie facilitates communication workshops at her local college and has presented writing workshops at conferences in the United States and Canada. You can find her at , on Twitter @julieroweauthor or at her Facebook page:

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