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Margie Lawson's course taught by Suzanne Purvis

June 1-28;  Fee:  $110

Note from Margie:

I invited Suzanne Purvis to teach my 'Big Three' courses. 

Her deep editing expertise and her easy-going style prove she's channeling me well. I'm impressed.  

I'm proud that she's teaching these courses I developed. 

Dive in. You'll learn, learn, learn. And you'll have a good time too. 

Learn how to write body language and dialogue cues. No more cliched, trite, and overused facial expressions and dialogue cues.

Writers will learn how to write more than basic facial expressions, more than basic body language, more than basic dialogue cues, and write them so well, I'd rate them NYT!

Writers will learn how to write fresh:

  • Body Language Basics:  facial messages, lips, eyes, chin, full facial expression, flicker-face, gestures, posture, hierarchical zones . . .
  • Body Language Clusters
  • Avoidance and Deception Cues
  • Vibes – beyond spidy senses and hair-raising
  • Margie's Six Categories of Dialogue Cues
  • Body Language and Dialogue Cues for POV and Non-POV characters
  • Body Language and Dialogue Cues with Rhetorical Devices
  • Body Language and Dialogue Cues that include stimulus and response

Each teaching point will be illustrated with examples from bestselling authors, their excerpts dissected and analyzed.

Students may be active in class and post assignments. I'll deep edit assignments, and make them available for class members to read and learn.

Students may also lurk and learn. No worries.

Concerned you're too busy to keep up?

All LWA classrooms are open 24/7.  All classes are open 2 weeks after the end date. You can click in and download, read, learn.

Suzanne Purvis is a transplanted Canadian living in the Deep South, where she traded “eh” for “y’all.” An author of long, short, and flash fiction for both children and adults, she has won several awards including those sponsored by the University of Toronto, RWA, Bethlehem Writer’s Roundtable, and Women Who Write. You can find her work in print anthologies, magazines, ezines, and ebooks.

Visit her at , 
, Amazon Author’s Central.

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