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Instructor:  Becky Rawnsley, teaching Margie Lawson's course

March 1 - 31;   Fee: $120

Note from Margie:  

I invited Becky Rawnsley to teach my Big Three courses:

-- Empowering Characters' Emotions

-- Deep Editing, Rhetorical Devices, and Beyond

-- Writing Body Language and Dialogue Cues Like a Psychologist

I bet my unexpected invitation gave her a visceral response.

Becky learned my deep editing techniques well.  She applies them well.  She teaches them well too. 

Her deep editing expertise and her easy-going style impressed me. I'm proud that she's teaching these courses I developed. 

Dive in. You'll learn, learn, learn.

Empowering Characters' Emotions

-- The First Course in Margie's Big Three Writing Craft Courses

Want to add a psychological punch to your writing and editing?

Want to turn your WIP into a page-turner by powering up emotion?

The 300+ pages of lectures will cover the following topics - and more. Each lecture is loaded with examples and teaching points.  Yummy reading.

• Backstory Management

• The EDITS System

• Emotional Authenticity

• Emotional Hits 

• Deep Editing Techniques

• Four Levels of Powering Up Emotion

• Cliché-busting and Writing Fresh

• Rhythm and Cadence and Beats

• Overview:  Ten Rhetorical Devices for Fiction Writers

• Overview:  Body Language and Dialogue Cues

You may be active in class and post assignments. Your assignments will be deep edited and posted in the classroom.

You may lurk and learn. No worries.

Concerned you're too busy to keep up? All LWA classrooms are open 24/7.  You can download, read, and learn any time from the first day of class through two weeks after the class ends.

Becky Rawnsley is a physical therapist from the UK. She started writing as a hobby some twenty years ago, but realized if she was ever going to get off the slush-pile and onto the shelves, she needed help. Hunting for answers, she stumbled across Margie’s website and struck writing-gold.

Becky is now a multi-Margie, multi-LWA and Immersion grad, and has discovered a passion for deepening her understanding of writing craft. Her work now regularly finals in contests. She is keen to share the magic of Margie’s Big Three courses to help fellow writers bring their work to the next level—and beyond!



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