Margie Lawson

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Instructor:  Suzanne Lazear

Whether you're writing kidlit or adult, no matter if your story is Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy. Paranormal Romance, High Fantasy, Steampunk, a mash-up, or something in-between, worldbuilding is key.

In this workshop we'll focus on all aspects of worldbuilding, from where and when the story is set to the characters that populate it, the technology (and magic) they use, to their language, government, culture, and beyond. So bring your ideas, put on your adventuring gear, and lets go create a world.

Class is suitable for all levels from novice to expert and is open to all genres.

Suzanne Lazear writes the fairytale Steampunk series for teens "The Aether Chronicles." Book One, INNOCENT DARKNESS, just released from Flux.  She's part of the popular Steampunk group blog "Steamed!" and has been known to run with bustles and covet tiaras made of clockhands.  Visit her website at

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