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Instructor:  Julie Glover

October 1 - 31;

What makes a novel young adult? Is it just the age of the protagonist?

It's so much more!

This course will demystify the teen world and help you write believable characters—one your readers can relate to and root for. Learn the keys to crafting a novel solidly in YA, which goes far beyond the age of your main character.

In this four-week course, we'll explore:

· YA Themes. What major issues do teens deal with, and how do they affect your story, regardless of subgenre? What social-emotional challenges must they resolve?

· YA Worldview. How do teens see the world and their role in it? What makes their perspective distinctive, and how do you write that?

· YA Voice. How do teens express themselves? How can you add punch to your narrative, internal dialogue, body language, and external dialogue to master teen speak?

· Writing YA Fresh. How do you avoid making your characters into stereotypes? What makes your teens simultaneously unique and relatable?

We'll look at examples from fabulous teen fiction that nail these concepts, helping you see what it looks like on the page. Samples will come from several subgenres (author sampling: Darynda Jones—paranormal, Kathleen Baldwin—historical, Patty Blount—contemporary, Romily Bernard—thriller), and principles can be applied to whatever kind of YA you write.

Assignments will provide an opportunity to practice and receive feedback on your manuscript.

Julie Glover writes teen fiction, adores snarky characters, and continues to advocate for the interrobang(‽). She's also an RWA® Golden Heart® Finalist in the young adult category for her contemporary novel, Sharing Hunter, and is represented by Louise Fury of The Bent Agency.

Julie has a master's degree in counseling and lives in Friendswood, Texas, a bedroom community outside Houston, with one hottie husband and two teenage sons—who think no one gets them either.

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