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Teacher: Rhay Christou

Fee: $90

September 1-15

Two weeks, ten pages, a just-for-you-intensive

Finished up Nano or just have a first draft a second draft, a draft four-hundred-twenty-two, and don’t know what to do?

Two weeks, ten pages, a just-for-you intensive mentorship is perfect for you.

all taken classes, sat through workshops and lectures and often felt
this isn’t what I need to, want to, can use, but with a limited enrollment, the Two, Ten, Your-needs course gives you
personalized, focused tips, tricks, lectures, guidelines, advice focused
on your pages and your writing needs.

to develop characters, write a query, give a final edit? Want to weave
in conflict, develop a story idea, pepper in subtext? Want to empower
your stakes, your tension, your backstory, your subplot, unmuddle your
middle or powerup your ending.

Through a personalized class folder and ten pages of your choice, this class will give you:

  • A personalized class folder with all your work in one place
  • A need building and goal setting session for the direction you wish your course to take. 
  • Focused writing lectures based not only on your wants, but the needs of your work. 
  • A chance to share your ten pages not only in current draft but after each revision.
  • Constructive feedback that helps your work grow.
  • Grab-N-Go general craft videos with group discussion and questions.
  • A chance to meet with your teachers as many times as you would like.
  • A chance to view, participate ask questions about a live critique.
  • A place to share, explore, power up your writing and get class feedback.

what are you waiting for?  This is your chance to get in there and
really take a course that focuses in everything you want and you need.
Join me for Two Weeks, Ten pages, A Just-for-you Intensive.

Rhay’s Bio:

The two things I love most in the world are teaching and creative
writing. With my MFA in writing from Vermont College, I have had the
great fortune to combine the two. Since graduating I’ve taught
everything from creative writing to academic writing at the university
level as well as writing workshop on the lovely island of Cyprus, in
Greece and in the USA.

Class schedule:

power packed, hands on, individual-student focused class, you’ll work
harder, get more involved and find more focused feedback than you can
imagine. So come join me for Two-Weeks, Ten-days, A Just-for-you

Day 1: Getting Started

  • Welcome letter
  • Whole class lecture:  How to define what you want, need, where you’re at and what you’re hoping for.
  • Assignments: Craft your mentorship need letter.
    • Submit your letter and your  first three pages

Day 2: Cement your plans

  • Individual discussions and goals finalized
  • Focused Just-for-you craft lecture based on the needs of your submission
  • Critique and suggestions on the first three pages.
  • Assignments:
    • Revise/ resub first three pages.
    • Use personalized lectures, notes, feedback and lessons to revise your next two pages.

Day 3:  Craft Day

  • Grab-N-Go craft video, and lecture notes
  • A live Chat  scheduled throughout the day to answer questions. 
  • Share all five revised pages with your focus to group forum for feedback
  • Give and get feedback

Day 4:  All about you

  • Revise using student feedback
  • Grab-N-Go live critique of volunteer students
  • Submit all five pages for your next round of feedback

Day 5: Feedback returned

  • Focused craft lecture for your work
  • Review feedback and set up a time to meet and ask questions or pop your questions in the Q and Answer section
  • Spend the day working on your revisions of the first five pages.

Day 6: Another Three

  • Student meetings: Scheduled individual meeting to discuss questions, worries, concerns, direction, growth, where to nexts.
  • Use all the information you’ve gained to revise the first five and the  next three pages of your ten

Day 7: Class Share

Submit and give and get feedback on eight pages.

Day 8: Submit your work

  • Submit seven pages to your folder for feedback
  • Class craft lecture-in note format

Day 9: Feedback review

  • Review eight-page feedback
  • Take a break, go for a walk, think about where you’ve started, where you’re going, any struggles you are facing.
  • Connect with me through your forum. Let’s talk it through.

Day 10: Revise

  • A you-focused craft lecture
  • Live chat or Q and A or connect in person to discuss with Rhay
  • Revise your first eight pages.
  • Polish and shine and use all the tips and tricks you’ve gained to get those last three poppy and shiny and bright.

Day 11: Submit

Give yourself a day to breath. This has been a long ten days.

Day 12: Live Crit

  • Grab-N-Go live critique of volunteer students work

Day 13: Feedback

  • Review feedback,
  • Prepare final questions
  • Craft lectures
  • Meet with instructor

Day 14: Wrap up

  • Final questions
  • Final thoughts
  • Final lecture notes

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