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People and Other Writerly Pursuits

September 1-30; Fee: $60

Instructor: Sarah Hamer


So you have a character you're just dying to kill.
Maybe he is a real villain and deserves to die. Or, instead, she is a sweet
child and everybody cries when she slips away in the middle of the night.
Regardless, there's a right place, time and reason to get rid of that character
and it HAS to move the story forward.

This is a writing Master Class, with the dual benefits
of digging deeply into the psychological reasons for killing a character, and
of building a believable story structure around a death.

What you’ll learn:

  • Create a
    believable underlying reason for a character's death
  • Create the
    perfect character to kill
  • Determine which
    character needs to die and why

Find the perfect time to kill a character.
Even in non-fiction, timing is everything.

Create a believable way for a character to

How accurate does a death have to be?

How to create a believable reaction from
other characters and, ultimately, from the reader

How to make sure the death is a strong
part of the story structure

Determine if killing that character is the
"right thing" to do

Who should take this course:

  • Writers who
    understand the basics of Point of View, dialogue, characterization, etc.
  • Anyone who wants
    to write a compelling, believable story.
  • Anyone ready to
    take their writing to the next level

Lesson Plan

Lesson One:

  • Why does someone
    need to die?
  • Which character
    will die and why?
  • Archetypes and
    how their deaths affect other characters

Lesson Two:

  • Dealing with
  • Determining
  • Creating emotional

Lesson Three:

  • Finding the
    perfect way to kill a character
  • Making a death
  • The importance
    of accuracy

Lesson Four:

Creating a timeline and grid to correctly place the death into

Pumping up the tension for characters and readers

Every lesson comes with reference material and homework


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