Margie Lawson

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Instructor:  Margie Lawson

Dates:  September 1-30;  Fee: $125

Visceral Rules: Beyond Hammering Hearts

When emotions run high in a scene, you need visceral responses. 

We'll cover:

-- Margie's Top Ten Rules for Writing Visceral Responses

-- The full range of visceral responses

-- Writing fresh

-- Placement in scene

-- Motivation Reaction Units

-- Using the Four Levels of Powering Up Emotion

-- How to crescendo emotion

-- Stimulus/response patterns

-- Overwriting and underwriting

-- Cliché twists and cliche play

-- How to hook your reader viscerally.

Multiple teaching points will be provided. Examples of visceral responses will be dissected and analyzed.  

PLUS -- We'll have fun in this class!

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