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Critique Groups: Pods of Destruction or Allies for Success

A critique group can make or break your writing. And here's the rub--your group might not even realize the damage they are inflicting. Bestselling author Kathleen Baldwin will give you the tools you need to build a Healthy Supportive Critique Group geared for mutual success. We will practice Kathleen's prove critique methods, and as a result, some of the members may choose to form an online critique group.

Can you answer YES to these Questions?

  1. Do you look forward to critique?
  2. Do you feel energized and inspired after a critique session?
  3. Are your members experiencing measurable success?
  4. Do you have confidence in your critique partner’s writing talent/potential?
  5. If your critique partner works hard and keeps learning, do you believe he or she will succeed?
  6. Do you come away from critique thinking I can do this?
  7. Does critique excite you, & expose you to new techniques you want to try in your writing?
  8. Do you enjoy sharing concepts with your critique group that have helped you in your writing?
  9. Are you willing to invest time in your critique partners’ careers?
  10. Are your critique partners willing to invest time in your career? 


  • After years of study and experimentation, Kathleen applies her psychology background to show you what works and what doesn't. 
  • Proper Critique Speak. Examples of how to deliver Critique:
  • 5 Major problems to watch out for.
  • 7 Ways critique partners can help each other become Superstars
  • Kathleen’s 8 Point Criticism Guidelines


Kathleen Baldwin profile photo

“Master of the unexpected,” Kathleen Baldwin, is a Wall Street Journal, #1 Barnes & Noble, and Amazon bestselling author who enchants readers worldwide with over 650,000 books in the hands of readers around the globe. A Japanese publisher adapted one of her novels into a manga. Ian Bryce, producer of Transformers, optioned her series for film.

Kathleen loves real life adventures. She taught rock climbing in the Rockies, tackled white water on the Colorado, survival camped alone in the desert and mountains, and inadvertently slept beside a mountain lion. She’s married to her very own hero and raised four adventurous children.

Kathleen’s alternate history for teens, A SCHOOL FOR UNUSUAL GIRLS, was a Junior Library Guild selection. The New York Times called it “enticing from the first sentence.” Kansas State NEA gave it a starred review in their “Best of the Best” for High Schools. It was awarded the Spirit of Texas for middle school reading programs. Scholastic licensed her series for school book fairs, and REFUGE FOR MASTERMINDS won a 2018 Booksellers’ Best award. Ian Bryce, producer of Transformers, Saving Private Ryan, and other blockbuster films, optioned the series for film. The series is currently under its fifth film option.




Highly recommended!

October 3, 2020

How To Critique Well and Develop a Supportive Critique Group

This was a wonderful two-week introduction to best practices in critiquing, whether with one-on-one Critique Partners or in ongoing Critique Groups, by document swaps or in-person reading.

Kathleen is a fabulous teacher! She led us through instructive lessons, challenging reflections, and hands-on exercises, with a final project of swapping critiques, with the benefit of her feedback and insights.

Highly recommended!

Catherine L

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