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Western Caribbean Cruise – October 23-30, 2016

Join me for a 7 day cruise on the Royal Caribbean

Cruising Writers MS Liberty of the Seas

The coolest people will be cruising with us!

Agent Extraordinaire: Deidre Knight

Author Extraordinaire: Steena Holmes

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Margie Lawson              

Four Topics: Margie and Carousel Zebra Nov. 2014
1. The EDITS System: The Ultimate Fix-Your-Scene Power Tool
2. Writing Fresh Body Language and Dialogue Cues
3. Top 20 Rhetorical Devices for Fiction Writers
4. Not Your Mama’s Character Descriptions

Are you an Immersion Grad?

*Immersion Master Glass Grads may opt to hone their deep editing skills, make their WIP stronger. Margie will work with groups. Think one room schoolhouse.


Deidre Knight

Cruising Writers Deidre Knight head shot



Working with an Agent in the New Publishing Frontier






Self-Publishing Experience  

Edit, Polish, and Shine!



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