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Dana J. Summers

Congratulations to Dana Summers for multiple award winning books.

Drawn and Buried 

  • Freddie Award for best hard boiled mystery Sleuthfest Mystery Writers of America
  • First place Royal Palm Award for best suspense novel. Florida Writers Association

Dark and the Dead 

  • Finalist Royal Palm Award for best suspense novel

Downhill Fast

  • First place Royal Palm Award for best suspense novel
  • First place Award for best thriller
  • And unpublished book of the year
  • Royal Palm Awards Florida Writers Association.

Dana J. Summers is an award-winning editorial cartoonist. He also writes and draws two nationally and internationally syndicated comic strips, ‘Bound & Gagged’ and ‘The Middletons’. He lives in Orlando with his wife Mary Jane and his dog, Gracie.


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