By Margie Lawson

In DEEP EDITING POWER is offered as a full day Master Class. It’s usually presented to groups who have already brought Margie in to present a full day of EMPOWERING CHARACTERS’ EMOTIONS.

In DEEP EDITING POWER participants will:

1. Analyze Scenes with the EDITS System.

2. Explore Rhetorical Devices:

— Learn 30 Rhetorical Devices for Fiction Writers
— Learn Why, How, and Where to use which Rhetorical Devices to Increase Power
— Use Worksheets for each Rhetorical Device
— Analyze Examples of Rhetorical Devices from Bestselling Authors

3. Learn Margie’s One Sentence Analysis.

4. Learn Margie’s Five Question Scene Checklist.

5. Learn Deep Editing tips including back story management, power lines, throw-away words, cliché twists, back loading, tautologies, and Emotional Hits.

6. Learn Margin Tracking Codes and Systems

7. Develop a personal editing checklist from the Master Editing Checklist.

8. Learn how to make a FINAL EDITING PASS be your last pass.

Margie Lawson—psychotherapist, writer, and international presenter – applied her psychological expertise to dissect over a thousand novels and analyze how authors write page-turners. A former university professor, Margie taught psychology and communication courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. Her resume includes clinical trainer, professor, sex therapist, Director of an Impotence Clinic, hypnotherapist, and keynote speaker.

Margie focuses her analytical skills on writing craft, developing innovative editing systems and deep editing techniques. Her deep editing tools are used by all writers, from unpublished writers to bestselling authors.

She teaches writers how to edit for psychological power. How to immerse the reader in the fictional world. How to hook the reader viscerally.

In the last four years, Margie presented full day Master Classes in forty-two cities. Most of her full day Master Classes sold out. In August, 2008, Margie was brought in as a guest speaker to present full day Master Classes in Melbourne for Romance Writers of Australia, and in Auckland, for Romance Writers of New Zealand.