Margie presenting

Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors

Allow Writing Productivity and Creativity to Soar

by Margie Lawson


Need to learn how to gain control of your writing life? Learn how to defeat your self-defeating behaviors. Challenge your thinking. Use more than the usual 12 % of your brain. Set yourself up to perform at your peak by analyzing what patterns get in your way and tweaking those patterns to make them work for you.

Here’s a sample of what this course offers:

  • Address the three fears that paralyze writers
  • Analyze yourself: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
  • Challenge your internal dialogue
  • Eradicate faulty thinking
  • Redirect resistance
  • Boost the impact of your Right Brain/Left Brain
  • Manage your moods
  • Duct-tape your Inner Critic
  • Consider the Stages of Change. Where are you? Why do you get stuck?
  • Apply SOAR Goals
  • Develop the RIGHT questions for you
  • Learn what drives you
  • Find your answer to the Miracle Question
  • Stimulate creativity. Activate your great ideas. Track your process and progress.
  • Protect your priorities  Hiding Eyes Thalia
  • Practice Conscious Competence
  • Apply Margie’s DUH Plan
  • Learn to reward yourself
  • Put yourself in charge
  • Dig Deep–Think Bigger. Your books. Your writing career. Your joy.

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