Digging Deep into the EDITS System


By Margie Lawson


  1. Empowering Characters’ Emotions
  2. Deep Editing:  The EDITS System, Rhetorical Devices, and More

To meet the prerequisites, ECE and Deep Editing may have been taken as on-line courses, or as independent study with Lecture Packets.

Part 1:  Digging Deep into the EDITS System

Part 1 —  Addresses

  1. The Big Picture and the Nuances of the EDITS System
  2. Taking the EDITS System Deeper
  3. Writing Emotion for Visceral Impact
  4. Streaming Emotion for your genre and style
  5. Editing Patterns and Voids
  6. Scene Strategies:  Balancing and Tracking
  7. Writing to the EDITS Colors
  8. Tension, Conflict, and The EDITS System
  9. Obtain Feedback from Margie Lawson

Part 2:  Digging Deep into the EDITS System  

Part 2 — Provides writers with an opportunity to:  

  1. Analyze strengths, and areas needing strengthening, per EDITS category
  2. Clarify points
  3. Use the Digging Deep Worksheet
  4. Anchor learning and Application
  5. Dig Deep into Diagnose and Treat
  6. Obtain Feedback from Margie
  7. Review three passages by bestselling authors – and the two in-depth analyses provided by Margie Lawson:
  8. EDITS System applied and explained
  9. A Deep Editing Analysis
  10. Dig Deep into Applying the EDITS System:

—  Know WHAT editing you need to do WHERE
—  WHY you need to edit that passage
—  HOW – using multiple options that fit you and your writing style to create page turners