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Diving Deep into Deep Point of View

With information coming at us from all sides, at all times of the day, the world has become a here and now kind of place. No wonder authors, agents, editors and readers want to feel that same kind of immediacy with stories. They scream for deep point of view. And I mean deep!!

What You'll Learn:

  • Understand point of view and the best point of view for your story.
  • Recognize and fix point of view issues such as; slips and author intrusion.
  • Learn how word choices impact deep point of view.
  • Use descriptions that keep it deep.
  • Use authentic settings that resonate with characters and readers.
  • Use dialog that rings true for characters.
  • Learn where to dive in the deepest and where and when to stay in the shallows.
  • Learn how to crack deep point of view in third and first person.
  • Learn quick fixes for deep point of view that can transform your manuscript.
  • And so much more!

With a plethora of examples, assignments, and Rhay’s--Let’s think about this--we’ll explore, discover, and unlock the mysteries of deep point of view.

Lesson Plan


Rhay Christou

The two things Rhay Christou loves most in the world are teaching and creative writing. With her MFA in writing from Vermont College, she has had the great fortune to combine the two. Since graduating she has taught everything from creative writing to academic writing at the university level as well as writing workshops on the lovely island of Cyprus, in Greece and in the USA.



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