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Diving Deep into Deep Point of View

Let’s Go Deep!!

TV, Movies, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, so much information right when we want it, no wonder authors, agents, editors, and readers want the same immediacy from stories.

No wonder readers crave Deep Point-of-View.

And I mean deep!! No longer willing to sit back, relax, wade through pages of prose and wandering descriptions, readers want to connect with characters on an intimate level. So intimate, the reader wants to live through the characters.

And yep, that means going in deep and giving those quiet moments, those heart-beating-out-of-the-chest moments, the first kiss, the fear moments action, immediacy, connection. That means writers must bridge the gap between the fictive dream and live in the moment with the character and Diving Deep into Deep Point-of-View is here to help.

What You'll Learn:

  • Understand point-of-view and the best point of view for your story.
  • Recognize and fix point-of-view issues such as slips and author intrusion.
  • Learn how word choices impact deep point-of-view.
  • Use descriptions that keep it deep.
  • Use authentic settings that resonate with characters and readers.
  • Use dialog that rings true for characters.
  • Learn where to dive in the deepest and where and when to stay in the shallows.
  • Learn how to crack deep point-of-view in third and first-person.
  • Learn quick fixes for deep point-of-view that can transform your manuscript.
  • And so much more!

With so many examples, assignments, and Rhay’s--Let’s think about this--we’ll explore, discover, and unlock the mysteries of deep point-of-view.

Lesson Plan

Week One

Lecture 1: Point-of-View (POV) Basics

  • What is POV?
  • A Quick Look at Each POV
  • The Feel of Point-of-View
  • Your Viewpoint
  • How Do You Make the Viewpoint Choice?

Lecture 2: Flaws and Fixes of POV

  • Head-Hopping
  • POV Slips
  • Fuzzy Point-of-View
  • Information Dumps
  • Don’t Hide Your Exposition in Dialogue

Week Two

Lecture 3: Diving Deep

  • What is Deep Point-of-View?
  • Learn from others
  • The Thinnest Veil Between Character and Reader
  • Deep is Here and Now
  • Keeping it active
  • Deep Point of View Uses Internalization Judiciously
  • Goodbye Tell and Hello Show
  • When is the Time to Tell?

Lecture 4:  Dialogue and Said

  • Speech Tags
  • Purpose of Speech Tags
  • The Problems with Said
  • Don’t get fancy with tags
  • Dialogue and Its Purposes
  • Deep Dialogue Tips and Tricks
  • Still A Dialogue Hater?
  • The Great One Speaks. James Scott Bell on Dialogue
  • Power Dialogue
  • Go beyond predictable syntax-weaving dialogue with action

Week Three

Lecture 5: Filter out the Writer

  • What Are Filter Words?
  • The Importance of Getting Rid of Filters
  • Welcome to The Filter Word List
  • Where Writers Often Slip in Filter Words:
  • Describing Filters/Sense Words
  • Emotion Filters
  • Thinking Words
  • Beginning of Paragraphs
  • The Dreaded Prepositional Clause

Lecture 6: Voice is imperative

  • Why Is Voice Important?
  • Voice Definitions
  • What the Heck Is Voice?
  • How to Find Voice
  • Why Some Stories Lack Unique Voice
  • Character Worldview
  • Worldview Influences Description
  • Voice on The Page
    • Word Choice
    • Attitude
    • Tone
    • Personal Style
  • Still Having Problems Finding Voice

Week Four

Lecture 7: Camera View

  • Let’s Talk Camera View
  • Maintain POV
  • Goal, Motivation, Conflict (GMC)
  • Deeper Levels Of GMC
  • From Theory to Practice
  • GMC Formula
  • Putting It All Together
  • Look at MRU’s

Lecture 8: Wrap Up

  • Putting it altogether
  • Planning the next steps
  • How to keep it deep

With eight lectures, video input, twenty-three get-you-started assignments, and one-one personal responses, enrichment activities, writers have a wealth of opportunities to dive in and dive deep with Deep Point of View.

Can’t wait to see you in class,

Mucho love,


Rhay Christou

Rhay Christou loves her dogs—Fredo and MoJoe—her teaching and writing. Making her home in a small village in Cyprus, when she is not wandering the National Park's trails, she uses her MFA in writing from Vermont College to share her knowledge and experience to cheerlead writers in creating their best stories. Since graduating, she has taught everything from creative writing to academic writing at the university level and writing workshops on the lovely island of Cyprus, in Greece and the USA.




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