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Establish a Ghostwriting Business and (Finally!) Monetize Your Talent

Despite ghostwriting’s deep historical roots and thriving modern practice in the publishing industry, ghostwriting is still largely cloaked in secrecy. Writers often weigh the allure of additional income, creative freedom, and a chance to grow their craft in a risk-free environment against what literary purists believe is an exercise in deception.

Art may be a luxury, but publishing is a business.

In this 30-day course, you’ll learn insider secrets the purists don’t know about ghostwriting—its jaw-dropping prevalence, its capacity to elevate writing skills in record time, its ability to deliver writers from the 1001 hats we’re told we must wear to make money in this industry. And you’ll learn why ghostwriting might just be the best writing decision you’ll ever make.

The demand for ghostwriters is staggering. The work-from-anywhere option to supplementing your personal writing income is liberating. And the way ghostwriting leverages the belief you have in your talent? Well . . . that’s priceless.

This course takes you on a nurturing and heart-centered journey from initial perceptions about ghostwriting to everything you need to know to book your first client and includes a one-on-one meeting with the instructor and exclusive post-class access to an ongoing support network to optimize success.

It’s past time for you to monetize your writing talent. Let’s ghostwrite, together.

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Writers who have experienced their first taste of success (contest wins, agent nibbles, requests for full manuscripts from publishing houses) but have been unable to break through industry barriers
  • Writers who have been trapped the almost published limbo for years and feel an increased pressure to justify time and financial investment to loved ones who fail to understand the glacial pace of the industry
  • Writers interested in an apprenticeship model, where you improve your craft while earning money
  • Writers looking for publishing credits to add clout to submissions
  • Writers who long to work with agents, editors, and other industry insiders to develop discipline and knowledge of the craft
  • Writers who want to solidify their brands ahead of launching a personal writing career
  • Traditionally published writers whose house schedules are so far out that project gaps leave income gaps
  • Writers who wish to supplement low advances
  • Writers who need additional income to fund book marketing
  • Writers who are tired of niche and genre restrictions and want to experiment without risking the brand they’ve worked hard to establish
  • Writers who adore the process of writing, not merely having written
  • And all writers who (finally!) want to get paid what they deserve

Lesson Plan


  • Forget 80% of What You’ve Heard About Ghostwriting
  • Core Values
  • Your Worth as a Writer

Finding Clients

  • Setting Up Shop
  • Platforms
  • Networking: You Probably Already Know Your First Client
  • High-budget clients (& Where to Find Them)
  • Marketing Yourself Without Spending a Dime
  • Outside-the-Box Clients

The Business Side

  • The Right Tools for Success (You Already Have Them!)
  • Taxes
  • Your Unique Services
  • Setting Prices
  • Contracts
  • Get Organized
  • Your Portfolio (or Help! I Don’t Have One Yet)

Your First Client…(or How to Overdeliver)

  • The First Call
  • Ghostwriting is a Team Sport. Or a Marriage.
  • Writing in Your Client’s Voice (or Not)
  • Managing Client Expectations
  • Tracking Discipline & Productivity
  • Mindset: How to Find Joy in the Process
  • Post-project To Dos

Finding Balance

  • Writing Through Life’s Bumps
  • Preserving Personal Writing Time
  • Protecting Your Creative Well

Show Me the Money

  • Ghostwriting Gigs That Pay the Most
  • Structuring So You Always Have Income
  • Becoming Another, On the Page

Beyond Your First Client

  • Improving Speed, Skills & Services
  • Your Freedom Metric
  • Mastermind Groups
  • A Rising Tide Floats All Boats (Cliché Alert! Sorry Margie)


L.A. Mitchell

L.A. Mitchell is a freelance editor, writing coach, Margie immersion grad, and ghostwriter with 30+ books in the market and an Amazon #1 bestseller status to her credit. Her clients include USA Today bestselling authors, celebrities, professional sports athletes, and large corporations. For the past 12 years, she’s ghostwritten everything from business non-fiction to epic YA fantasy to super sexy romance and believes the best part of her job—hands down—is the collection of fuzzy, going-to-work slippers she has amassed.




Motivating and Supportive

February 28, 2022

Laura opened my eyes to so many possibilities, far beyond merely writing. From websites to business, to genres and dealing with clients, I found this course incredibly helpful. And her coaching style is SO attentive and supportive. I”m so glad I took this course (and my first one with the Margie Lawson Academy to boot).

Tabetha Hedrick

Ghostwriting isn't just for books!

February 27, 2022

Laura is an awesome teacher and broke down all the different types of ghostwriting that are out there and helps you find out what you have that makes you special and will keep your clients coming back and referrals coming in!

Megan Ganesh

Fun and informative

August 5, 2021

I had never considered ghostwriting before this class. Now, I can’t believe I’ve never looked into this profession before. The class was so insightful and L. A. Is an amazing mentor! Let her guide you into the mysterious world of the ghostwriter…you will not regret it!

Amanda Willett


August 4, 2021

The review title captures how I felt when I finished this course.

Before signing up, I had the opportunity to discuss frustration about my writing (or, lack thereof) with L.A. I expressed the desire to regain my passion for writing. I recall telling L.A. that “writer” is how I define myself, and that I wanted to regain connection to a writing community. I gained that through the class participants and links to Mastermind groups either connected to writing or topics of interest.

This course recharged my passion, and it shed light on a plethora of options for pursuit of a career in writing. One question L.A. posed for our consideration was whether or not we would be comfortable with our work going out under another name. My response (paraphrasing) was that my passion was in creating characters, conflict, resolution, and settings. The spotlight rightfully belongs to the characters and the story. Satisfaction from seeing them shine will be reward enough.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive course that details how to make money doing something you love, jump onboard when it’s next offered. L.A. is an encouraging, supportive, responsive mentor. I’m finally INSPIRED to write again.

Gloria Richard

Amazing Opportunity!

August 2, 2021

This course introduces one so thoroughly to the business of Ghostwriting, that I actually established contact with a potential client midway through the course! The instructor is extremely knowledgeable with the additional bonus of vast ghostwriting experience herself. If you're thinking of adding additional revenue or just want to explore the world of ghostwriting - take this course!

Allyson West Lewis

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