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Tom building an airplane

Whether you're building an airplane, a novel, or your writing career, you need trust and tenacity. It took my husband and coauthor, Tom, over two years to build this airplane.

In the first picture Tom is installing the wiring for the avionics. Note the top of the fuselage suspended from the ceiling above his head. The plane was definitely a Work in Progress -- just like our manuscripts.


The second picture is of the first flight which lasted, harrowing-to-me, glorious-to-him, eighty minutes.

At this stage, the plane had gray primer paint and metal framework for seats, but no interior work. Big pieces of foam were duct taped to the metal seat frames. The engine ran. The avionics worked. It looked rough, unfinished. Nothing pretty about it.

Hmm, similar to the really rough first drafts of our novels.

We TRUSTED that our ugly duckling of a plane would turn into a beauty. And she did. We can trust that our writing will turn into something beautiful as well.


The third picture features the plane in full paint. You can't see the white leather interior. Trust me, it's pretty. Compared to writing -- this baby is ready to fly to any agent or editor.

Trust your writing as much as we trust our lives in this plane. Meet your writing goals, edit and polish your manuscript, and send it out to agents and editors. Give it wings. Give it a chance to fly.



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