GPS for Authors: Pre-pubbed, recently pubbed, or multi-pubbed

Instructor: Vannetta Chapman

August 1 – 30

Fee: $30

IF ONLY every writing contract came with an author GPS. Envision it. A writer’s Garmin. A novelist’s TomTom. It would look like the one we put on our car’s dashboard, and it would act like it too. We could hook it up to our computer monitor, and be assured we would safely find our way from Contract A to the Bestseller List of our dreams. Too often it seems we’ve plugged into our navigation system a route for Novice to Insane in 12 short months. Doesn’t have to be that way. In this day of unprecedented technological change, writing isn’t easy, but there are steps you can take to insure you can arrive where you want to be and with at least a portion of your sense of humor intact.

1. Finding your role at your publishing house

2. Maximizing your publisher’s resources

3. Using your advance when you have no marketing budget

4. Envisioning beyond your current contract

5. Multiple contracts/multiple publishers: risks and rewards

6. Juggling edits, word counts, and marketing

7. Meeting your readers: books signings, conferences, and social media

8. Staying one book ahead of your editor

9. Writing for a specialized market

10. Breaking out

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