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Hexes and O's

On November 4th,  the manuscript I took to my first Immersion with Margie will be out in the world of published books.  I'm so excited.  It's a paranormal romantic comedy. After I wrote it, got all those wonderful NYT's in the margins from Margie, I discovered traditional publication wasn't buying that genre from unknown authors. So, I put Hexes and O's on the back burner and went to work on things my agent told me traditional publishers would buy.

Fast forward to now...and I've finally gathered the courage to go hybrid. Hexes and O's is my debut into the indie world.  If you've ever been to immersion with Margie, it's one of the books she shares an excerpt from.  Here is a tiny part of what she shares: 

...she pulled her gaze away from the orphanage and glanced toward the playground. Small children: round, skinny, short, tall, were climbing, swinging, sliding, hiding on the same equipment she’d once played on. To the casual observer, they were normal.

But she wasn’t casual, and they weren’t normal. 

As a person who needs validation, thus the dragging of my feet to go Indie, Margie is the one who first validated me as a writer and this book. And for that, I sing the praises of her immersion classes to every author I meet. 

Lisa Wells


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