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How Do LWA Classes Work?

Lawson Writer's Academy is made up of several different types of classes.


The majority, including all of those on the Lawson Writer's Academy page and the Course Catalog page, are offered using an online learning software called Moodle. Moodle is used by colleges all over the world. Check out our tour here.

Moodle classes make use of private, online forums where you can share your work and interact with your teacher and fellow students. You log in when you have time, read the lessons (or in some cases watch videos), turn in your homework, read instructor feedback, ask questions, etc. There's even an app for your phone to make this easy.

Classes are usually 2 weeks or 1 month, but some classes vary.

During that window of time, you can come and go in the classroom. At the end of the class, the teacher will provide you with something that you can download and review later. Make sure you copy and save all of your feedback, because the classes don't live on the server forever. In a few weeks, they'll go away to make room for new classes.


Margie offers a live webinar each month. There is time before and after to ask questions and chat. The learning portion of these webinars are recorded. If you purchase the webinar, you can log into either (or both!) live sessions. You'll receive a link in the downloads section of your account so that you can watch it over and over!

You can also purchase recordings of previous webinars that you may have missed.

We offer free Write Ins each week using Zoom. These are not recorded. We have 30 minutes of socializing followed by silent writing sprints. This is a great opportunity to connect with other LWA students and get that extra boost to your productivity.

Currently, Margie is offering virtual Immersions using Zoom. These are not recorded, so you'll want to make sure to be available during your class times for these extensive, small group learning opportunities with Margie. Formerly, these classes were only available live. At some point in the future, we hope to have live, in-person classes again.

Lecture Packets

Lecture Packets are files that have been previously used in classes, now bundled and available for purchase. They will appear in the downloads section of your account so you'll have them for the future. These lessons come zipped for easy download. Most are either PDFs or Word Docs.

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