Mastering Evernote for Writers

How to Write a Novel in Evernote

Can you write on a train? On a beach? On a plane?

Paper notes get lost too easily. Hard drives crash.

Modern writing software is the answer, but software can be complicated and force you to work its way.

Enter Evernote: free, online note-taking software that stores your writing safely in the cloud.

Evernote can organize research, outlines, character questionnaires, and more. Imagine having all your writing and your research available to you at any given moment.

Learn strategies to empower your writing, including:

  • research templates
  • hyperlinking notes
  • tag structure
  • editing
  • formatting your final product for publication

We’ll cover many of the popular methods for creating a book-length work and demonstrate how they can be used with Evernote.

Put this powerful, proven, productivity-enhancing tool to work for you.

Don’t have Evernote yet? Get the free version directly from Evernote.

Who Should Take This Class:

  • writers seeking to bring organization to their process
  • those who want a process to speed up their writing
  • new authors overwhelmed by the commitment of writing a novel

Lesson Plan

This class is more free-form than some of the others I teach, allowing authors to explore many different techniques or just focus on how Evernote will fit with their own approach.

  • Install Evernote and Web Clipper
  • Controlling your Writing Environment
    • Getting to Know Your Writer Self
    • Getting to Know Evernote
    • Step 1 – Put Everything in Evernote
    • Step 2 – Order from Chaos
    • How to End
  • Pantsers
    • How to Build a Chapter
    • Tagging for Creative Connections (Advanced Search)
    • Templates
    • Catching Ideas as They Fly Past
  • Plotters
    • Story Boards
    • Checklists
    • Index Notes and Linking
    • Common Methods Demonstrated in Evernote
  • Character Development and Relationships
  • World-building and Research
  • Your Creative Process Revisited
  • Other Tools


Lisa Norman

Lisa Norman is the owner of Heart Ally Books, an independent publishing company. She also owns a website design company specializing in creating websites for authors, Deleyna’s Dynamic Designs. For over 25 years, she has worked with both indie and traditionally published writers on everything from writing through publication and marketing. She has taught students from 10 to 80, both in person, locally, and online. Her customers range all over the US, Canada, and as far away as Australia. Mostly she coaches people one-on-one, and she loves public speaking. She’s most proud of her children, adores her husband, and seems to be constantly surrounded by cats.

Lisa is the author of a series of nonfiction ebooks, Publishing Gold: Step-by-Step Guides for Success In Your Writing Career. She also writes under the pen name of Deleyna Marr.



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