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 In the last seven years, Margie presented over seventy full day Master Classes in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. She developed eight in-demand online classes for writers.


Margie's Online Classes -- offered through Lawson Writer's Academy

  1. Empowering Characters’ Emotions
  2. Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors
  3. Deep Editing, Rhetorical Devices, and More
  4. Digging Deep into the EDITS System
  5. Writing Body Language and Dialogue Cues Like a Psychologist
  6. Fab 30: Advanced Deep Editing, A Master Class
  7. A Deep Editing Guide to Make Your Openings Pop!
  8. Visceral Rules: Beyond Hammering Hearts

Workshops for Conferences

Three Categories:

  1. Writing Craft
  2. Psychology of the Writer
  3. The Criminal Mind

Writing Craft Topics:

  1. Try Lying:  Decoding Body Language – Sorting Truth and Lies
  2. Writing Body Language Like a Psychologist
  3. Writers Becoming Kinesics Specialists
  4. Dialogue Cues: Your Go-To Power Tool for Adding Subtext
  5. Writing NYT Fresh!
  6. Ker-pffft!  Onomatopoeia Pizzazz
  7. Deep Editing Power:  Take Your Writing from Good to Stellar
  8. Four Levels of Powering Up Emotion
  9. Top 20 Rhetorical Devices for Fiction Writers
  10. Rhythm and Cadence and Beats, Oh My!
  11. The EDITS System:  The Good, the Bad, and What’s Missing
  12. Hold Your Editing Horses:  Cognitive Style and the Editing Process
  13. Three Slices of Empowering Characters’ Emotions

Psychology of the Writer Topics:

  1. Right Brain, Left Brain, Whole Brain, No Brain
  2. Powering Up Body Language in Real Life
  3. Ready, Set, Change!
  4. Psyching Up, So You Don’t Go Psycho!
  5. Minds, Mindmuck, Maps, and Success
  6. Capturing the Time of Your Life
  7. Self Hypnosis:  Strength from Down Under
  8. The Psychology of Pitching and Body Language IQ
  9. Motivation Rules!
  10. Here Be Monsters:  Faulty Thinking Traps
  11. The Style Survey:  Personality Profiles for Writers and Characters
  12. Whomping Suzie-losie-her-musie and Other Productivity Stallers

The Criminal Mind Topics:

  1. Tick, Tock, Kill:  The Psychology of the Criminal Mind
  2. Interviewing Criminals:  Kinesics and Psychological Savvy
  3. Personas and Personalities:  Sociopaths, Psychopaths, and Cons

Keynote Speech Topics:

What does your group need?  What would you like?

Margie tailors keynote speeches to specific groups. Consider a topic from the Psychology of the Writer list above (modified for keynote), or select one of the topics below, or request a topic.

  1. Reaching for Pure Gold
  2. Up-Cycling Your Career
  3. Mind Monsters and Mind Magic
  4. Breaking Through to the Indubitable You
  5. Racing Toward the Finish Line When the Finish Line Keeps Moving

Margie Lawson—psychotherapist, writer, and international presenter – developed psychologically-based editing systems and deep editing techniques used by new writers to multi-award winning authors. She teaches writers how to add psychological power to create page turners.

Margie taught psychology and communication courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. Her resume includes adjunct professor, clinical trainer, facilitator of trauma response sessions, and director of a counseling center.

Writers who have studied her material credit her innovative editing approaches with taking their writing several levels higher—to publication, awards, and bestseller lists.

Please contact Margie for more information.


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