November, 2014: Triple Threat Behind Writing A Scene

Category: November 2015

Instructor:  Tiffany Lawson Inman

Dates:  November 3 - 30;  Fee:  $50

Triple Threat Behind Writing a Scene

Topics covered: 

  • Writing dramatic dialogue to affect pacing, characterization, relationship, and emotion.
  • Writing active setting to move scenes forward and pull your readers in to your  living story world.
  • Creating quality tension by weaving conflict and action through each breath of the scene.

Triple Threat Behind Scene Writing includes:

  • Lectures
  • Exercises
  • Assignments
  • Deconstructed examples from multiple genres
  • Hands-on interaction between you, your writing, and the instructor
  • Feedback and edits galore! 

*This class is not for beginners

Tiffany Lawson Inman claimed a higher education at Columbia College Chicago. There, she learned to use body and mind together for action scenes, character emotion, and dramatic story development. Tiffany's background in theatre provides her with a unique approach to the craft of writing, and her clients and students greatly benefit. 
She teaches Action and Fighting, Choreography, Active Setting, Emotional Impact, Scene Writing, and Dialogue for Lawson Writer’s Academy online, presents hands-on-action workshops, and will be offering webinars in  late 2014.
As a freelance editor, she provides deep story analysis, content editing, line by line, and dramatic fiction editing services. Stay tuned to Twitter @NakedEditor for Tiffany’s upcoming guest blogs around the internet, classes, contests, and lecture packets.
Start Date:  Monday, 03 November 2014
Cost: 50(USD)
Topics: 6