Feb, 2017: Write Better Faster

Category: February 2016
Instructor:  R.L. Syme
Feb. 1 - 28;  Fee: $60
Everyone wants to be more productive—write faster, release more books—but most people don’t know where to start. Let me give you a hint: start with this class.
Your brain is like a lock box, and everyone’s box has a different code. Copycat productivity techniques are hit and miss—depending on how similar your personality is to the writer. But by using brain science, you can learn the specific code to unlock your brain.
We’ll focus on how to write more books in a year, how to write those books faster, and how to make those books better, all customized just for how your brain works.
You will leave the class with a unique, individualized set of strategies and tactics that will help you do your best work, be your most productive, and accomplish your writing goals. In short: write more, better.
R.L. Syme (w/a Becca Boyd) is the USA Today bestselling romance author of the Line of Fire series and the Highland Renegades. With a Masters degree in leadership and years of consulting and working in organizational communications, she is also a trained and certified Strengthsfinder coach. Becca lives in the Rocky Mountains and you can find her website at http://rlsyme.com 
Start Date:  Wednesday, 01 February 2017
Cost: 60(USD)
Topics: 10