June: Fang It to Me: Writing Vampires, Fantasy, and the How-to’s of World-Building

Category: Miscellaneous

Instructor:  Mario Acevdeo

June 4 - 29;  Fee:  $30

You love your undead bloodsuckers, be they monsters, super villains, or maybe even the hottie hero. How do you turn them from stock characters to unique and interesting personalities?

What are the rules to the supernatural?

What about other fantasy stories? Or science-fiction?

How do you get over the suspension of disbelief and pull the reader into a compelling world?

What are the details you need for credible world-building?

Other topics include: Vampires, Other Supernatural Creatures, Voice in Fantasy, Supernatural Villains, World-Building, Writing a Series, Writing Dark, Writing YA, and elements of creating a make-em-go-WOW world.

You'll learn from these talented authors:

-- Carrie Vaughn, NYT bestseller

-- Stephan Graham Jones, acclaimed horror master and creative writing professor at CU-Boulder,

-- Dakota Cassidy, RT award-winning author

Plus -- Jaye Wells, Diana Rowland, Warren Hammond, and more.

The authors will not only share their knowledge and prose, they will also deconstruct their shared examples to explain what they wrote and why. The narrative tones and writing styles vary from light and humorous to ass-kicking action to rich epic fantasy to creepy horror.

Start Date:  Tuesday, 10 April 2012
Cost: 30(USD)
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