March, 2018: Editing Magic: The 10K

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Lori PatrickSo sorry. This class is full. It will be offered again in July.

Please check out the other March courses.

Instructor: Lori Patrick

March 1 - 30;  Fee: $135

Editing Magic: The 10K
takes its lead from Editing Magic: Work with a Professional Editor and runs with it! (Am I the only one who is grateful that this is just a metaphor?)

Building on the foundation of the introductory course, in this advanced class we will edit 10,000 words of your work in progress, going deeper into the developmental aspects as well as tackling in greater depth some of the issues that consistently give writers fits, including the dreaded twin beasts—commas and hyphens.

In addition to new topical lectures, the complete lectures from the introductory course will be provided—for review for veterans of the earlier course, and to provide an essential foundation for new students.

We will follow the same format of feedback, detailed editing, and group interaction. 

Because of the expanded word count, class size is limited to 6 students. 

Lori Patrick has made her living as a professional editor since 2001.

Lori has good literary instincts and an excellent ear, a solid grounding in grammar and punctuation, a strong sense of syntax, and a deep feeling for the rhythm of writing. She's one of those hopeless nerds who likes reading the dictionary. She is a passionate believer in the serial comma. She knows the rules and when she doesn’t, she looks them up. Sometimes she uses sentence fragments or begins sentences with And–or both. She has even been known to end a sentence with a preposition because sometimes, a preposition is the best thing to end a sentence with. But the most important thing for clients to understand is her bone-deep conviction that your book is your creation, not hers. She is absolutely adamant about preserving the author’s voice and intent.

Writing is important. Lori believes that good writing can change a life—or change the world. She also believes that every writer needs a good editor—even great writers. Even editors need editors. Because good editing makes good writing better. One red-penciled word at a time.

Start Date:  Thursday, 01 March 2018
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