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Welcome to Lawson Writer’s Academy Teachers' Blog! I'm so excited about the brilliant and caring teachers we have at LWA. Some are college professors. Some have Master of Fine Arts degrees. And some are authors with super-impressive track records for empowering writers and their writing craft.

We've been hard at work pulling these talented instructors together into one big-time, boost-your-writing-world place.

LWA provides the educational and inspirational fuel to rocket-power your writing career. 

Our students range from first time writers to NYT Bestselling authors. All levels of writers—all working to make their plotting and writing and marketing stellar.

We’ll wow you with the stretch-your-imagination line-up of classes. They cover magic to mystery, research to romance, as well as historical, middle grade, memoirs, young adult, fantasy, thrillers, humor, conspiracies, sci-fi, steampunk, screenwriting and more.

I told you we’d wow you.

Plus, we help authors strafe their stress, demolish their demons, meet specific needs they often face:

  • prevent marketing migraines
  • rock interviews with agents
  • become an author entrepreneur
  • master indie-publishing
  • dance through dirty first drafts
  • dig deep into deep editing

Whether you're struggling with a sagging plot structure or less than 3D characters, we’ll help you build confidence and conquer these challenges.

Follow this blog. Our teachers will take turns sharing info you need. Supporting your writing craft and your writing heart.

Thanks for being here. You all keep me going.

Big Lovey Hugs………………..Margie

Margie's Bio:

Margie Lawson

Margie Lawson left a career in psychology to focus on her true passion—helping writers make their stories, characters, and words strong. Tired of the same old writing rules and tools? Try something new.

Using a psychologically based, deep-editing approach, Margie teaches writers how to bring emotion to the page. Emotion equals power. And power not only grabs readers, it holds onto them until the end. Many Margie grads have gone on to win awards, find agents, sign with publishers, and hit bestseller lists.

As an international presenter, Margie has taught over 150 full day master classes in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and France, as well as multi-day intensives on cruise ships in the Caribbean. Pre-COVID, she taught 5-day Immersion Master Classes across the U.S. and Canada and in seven cities in Australia too.

COVID Update: Immersion Master Classes are now virtual, taught through Zoom. Virtual Immersion classes are limited to six writers. They're two days long with two big topics--and as always, writers get one on one deep editing with Margie.

She also founded Lawson Writer's Academy, where you’ll find over 30 instructors teaching online courses through her website. To learn more, sign up for Margie’s newsletter.




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