Queries That Sell - Laura Drake

Queries That Sell - Laura Drake

Put Your Query in a Power Suit!

Your writing is amazing. You've edited your manuscript until the reflection alone will blind.


But without an equally shiny submission package, those agents/editors will never know about you, and that you could have been their next great author.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to make a knowledgeable, professional submission that will impress.

We will cover:

Finding and researching Editors/Agents.

Writing queries and critiquing them in class – you'll leave with a query as shiny as your manuscript!

Reviewing your query, including formatting and what to include. This course does not cover your synopsis.

Tracking your submissions and staying organized.

Agent/Editor etiquette.

Afraid? Apprehensive? Anxious? 

I have tips to help you to blast through!

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