Powering Up Body Language in Real Life - Margie Lawson

Powering Up Body Language in Real Life - Margie Lawson

Projecting a Professional Persona When Pitching and Presenting

By Margie Lawson

When you think about pitching or presenting, does your anxiety spike?  Do you have a gut-grabbing, heart-ratcheting, vision-clouding visceral reaction?  If so, this lecture packet is for you.

Writers pitch to agents, pitch to editors, introduce guest speakers.  They participate on panels, present workshops, give book signings.  They get interviewed for podcasts, radio, and television.  Some writers get interviewed by Matt Lauer and Oprah!

Turn your debilitating anxiety into positive, anticipatory anxiety.

Learn how to analyze and use body language to your advantage in real life.  Learn how to monitor and modulate your body language and nuances of speech to send the right messages.

Appear confident.  Poised.  Professional.

Feel more in control.  More focused.  More articulate.

Shape your behavior to make a positive impression.  Project a professional persona – and experience success.

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