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LWA's Classrooms Offer:

-- A Forum for Introductions --  Posting you picture is optional, but encouraged. Pictures make cyber connecting more personal. 

A note about uploading pictures:  After you have written your intro, scroll down and click on Add (just below the content box).

In the new screen, you'll click on Upload a file (on the left). 

Click on Browse, select your photo, and click on Upload this file

Last step: Scroll down and click on: Post to Forum. Taa Daa!  You uploaded your picture.

-- A Forum for Each Assignment -- Drop by the forum and click through classmates' responses for that assignment. Instructors provide feedback on each  assignment.

To post your assignment or comment, scroll down and click on  Add a new discussion topic.  

  1. your assignment or comment in the new comment box.

If you want to paste something, click on the little   in the middle row of the editor (the three rows of symbols). Just click once. It allows you to paste as plain text which honors your formatting. It's a toggle switch. If you click twice, you turn it off.

Click on Reply (below all posts) to share your input and encouragement.

-- Q & A Forum for Lectures -- Post a question, the instructor will answer.

-- Print Link for Lectures -- Click to access a well-formatted copy of the lecture to save in your files and print.

-- Daily Digest --  Emailed to each student with all posts to class for the last 24 hours. 

-- Latest News -- Instructors update class members on lectures, assignments, etc. You'll see a block on the right labeled: LATEST NEWS.

-- Camaraderie! If you enjoy meeting other writers, our cyber classrooms offer lots of opportunities to rub cyber shoulders and exchange cyber smiles.

-- Ongoing Access to Lectures and Class Posts -- Nothing is in real time. You can visit the classroom 24/7. Students work the course around their schedules.

-- Class Participation --  Class members may ask questions, post assignments, and discuss class topics in forums.

-- Optional:  Lurk and Learn --  No one has to post their assignments. You may lurk and learn. You'll find lots of learning opportunities in the assignment forums. 

-- Slipping Behind and Catching Up -- If life interferes and you slip behind on the lectures, you can download the lectures anytime during the class and read them later.

-- Classroom Is Open Two Weeks Longer -- Your classroom will remain available to you through May 15th.

-- Questions? --  If you have questions about the course, ask Lisa Miller. If you have questions about anything related to Lawson Writer's Academy, please contact Margie Lawson.


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