LWA’s Cyber Classroom

A Forum for Introductions

A Forum for Each Assignment — Drop by the forum and click through classmates’ responses for that assignment. Instructors put their feedback in assignments. Optional:  Class members may post comments.

A Q & A Forum for Lectures — Post a question, the instructor will answer.

A Print Link for Lectures — Click and access a well-formatted copy of the lecture to save in your files and print.

A Glossary — May be created for your course.

A Daily Digest —  Emailed to each student with recent posts.

The Latest News — Instructors update class members on lectures, assignments, etc.

LWA Welcome Message — Emailed three days before class starts, includes:

— Log-in instructions

— How to post to forums

— Lecture schedule

— What to expect in class

Camaraderie! If you enjoy meeting other writers, our cyber classrooms offer lots of opportunities to rub cyber shoulders, exchange cyber smiles.

Ongoing Access to Lectures and Class Posts — Nothing is in real time. Drop by the cyber classroom any time during the course to read posts, download lectures, post assignments, ask questions. Students work the course around their schedules.

Class Participation —  Class members may ask questions, post assignments, and discuss class topics in forums.

Optional:  Lurk and Learn —  No one has to share their assignments. If life interferes and you slip behind on the lectures, you can download the lectures anytime during the class and read them later.

Lectures Included — You do not need to purchase the Lecture Packets separately.

Schedule Conflict? — If you’ll be unavailable when one of Margie Lawson’s courses are offered, consider ordering the Lecture Packet. The lectures are available as Lecture Packets through Paypal, so writers can access the materail without having to wait until that course is taught the next year.

Questions? — Please contact Margie Lawson.

— Thank You — For taking the time to learn about our cyber classroom!