LWA’s Open House

Welcome to

Lawson Writer’s Academy’s

Cyber Classroom!

On July 14th, 15th, and 16th, the forums below will be open. Check out:

1. What LWA’s Cyber Classroom Offers You!

2. Upcoming Courses from Lawson Writer’s Academy

3. Sample Assignment #1 Forum from my March, 2011, Empowering Characters’ Emotions course.

4. Read the ‘Buzz’ from online class Margie-grads!

5. Meet some successful Margie-class graduates!

6. Meet some on-the-road-to-success Immersion graduates!

7. Margie would love to meet you in Birmingham, Minneapolis, Tallahassee, Albuquerque, Jacksonville . . .

8. Sign in Here: Six Drawings for a Free LWA Class!