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Margie helps me finish!

I've been through 3 Immersion Master Classes with Margie -- one of then Enduro (the super-duper intense version for grads of the regular version). For years, I felt like I was struggling to complete one novel in particular, Dominion of Darkness. It distracted me from other work. It pulled at my creativity, begging to be finished.

The first time I took it to Immersion, I have to admit...I resisted. Margie gave me amazing advice and I used...most of it. She gave me the strength and the encouragement to finish it, but then the beta readers had a problem. A problem that I recognized. The point Margie had made earlier. The thing I'd resisted doing.

Back to Immersion...and this time, I listened! After a rewrite of the first chapter, I saw how amazing her advice had been. The change wasn't nearly as hard as I'd thought it would be, and the book went from "OK" to "wow." Feedback from readers has been fantastic. That speed bump is gone!

Thank you, Margie! And now I can focus on something NEW!


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