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Navigating the Cyber Classroom

When you're on the main page of the classroom, you'll see your instructor's note at the top of the page. The lectures will show up below.

On the first day of class you'll see symbols with subject headings next to them.


Please click on that forum and post your introduction.

When you click on topics on the first day of class, you'll find a forum and a file to download and print.




When you look at the right side of the main classroom page, you'll notice several blocks.

The Top Block, labeled with your course name is where you LOG OUT. Good to know. 🙂

The Second Block: Search Forums: Type a name or a topic or a word, and all related forums will pop on the screen. Use this search feature. It is oh-so-handy.

The Third Block: Latest News: You can click to read a note there, or it will come to your email in a separate LWA post.

The Fourth Block: Recent Activity: Provides a clickable list of what's been posted in the classroom most recently.

The Fifth Block:  Settings : This is where you can EDIT YOUR PROFILE.

I recommend that you click to edit your profile, and select individual or digest. Complete (daily email with full posts) may be your best option.

You can also UPLOAD YOUR PICTURE when you edit your profile. After you've clicked ADD, please SCROLL UP to near the top of the page to upload.

Our teaching software requires Firefox or Google Chrome to upload pictures or files. Until Internet Explorer upgrades, we're limited to Firefox or Google Chrome.
If you would rather not download one of those browsers, please email your picture to me, and I'll upload it to your profile.
Once your picture is in your profile, it's there for all of your Lawson Writer's Academy courses.
In order to SAVE your profile, you must fill in required fields, including your city and country.

Thank you. Have fun clicking around in the classroom.

You may feel a little disoriented in the beginning, just like you did on the first day of classes in a new building on a new campus. You'll soon be acclimated. If you need assistance, contact Margie Lawson.

Enjoy your class!

All the best..........


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