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Our Cyber Classrooms Offer:

  • Forums for introductions,  assignments, and Q & A.
  • Instructors respond to assignments. Class members may post comments as a reply.
  • A daily digest e-mailed to each student with recent posts to the forums.
  • Latest News — updates on lectures, assignments, etc.
  • Instructions on how to navigate the cyber classroom, how to post to forums, the lecture schedule, and what to expect in class.
  • Camaraderie! Lots of opportunities to rub cyber shoulders and exchange cyber smiles.

You can access the lectures and other materials any time throughout the course and for two weeks after the course ends. You can work the course around your schedule.

You may participate in class or lurk and learn. If life interferes and you slip behind on the lectures, you can download the lectures anytime during the class (and up to two weeks after class ends) and read them later.

Read more about how our classrooms work or check out our classroom tour.


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